What we do

WorkFamily Solutions is the first in the Netherlands to help companies take away the worries of employees with children by offering a combination of childcare services and coaching & expertise for parents. This enables us to help optimize their work-life balance. Discover what we can do for your company.
Plan a no-obligation introduction
  • Register for Employer Sponsored Childcare (guaranteed childcare) and Back-up Childcare (incidental childcare)
  • Option for one-on-one sessions with a coach or expert
  • Unlimited access to an extensive work and parenting knowledge directory

Choose a package for your organization

There’s a suitable package for every organization and for every need. We’ve combined our services into three packages. You can tailor these packages to your needs. For example, you select the childcare services and number of coaching and expertise sessions you want to purchase.

Package 1

Personal advice from experts
Coaching sessions
Unlimited access to a knowledge directory with information about parenting and being a working parent
Package 2

Personal advice from experts
Coaching sessions
Unlimited access to a knowledge directory with information about parenting and being a working parent
Employer Sponsored Childcare (guaranteed childcare)
Package 3

Personal advice from experts
Coaching sessions
Unlimited access to a knowledge directory with information about parenting and being a working parent
Employer Sponsored Childcare (guaranteed childcare)
Back-up Childcare (incidental childcare)

Our services

WorkFamily Solutions offers various services. For instance, employers can opt for childcare services such as Employer Sponsored Childcare and Back-up Childcare. We also help working parents with coaching to help create a better balance between work and family life.

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Childcare services

Employer Sponsored Childcare (guaranteed childcare)

Reserve your Employer Sponsored Childcare places at Kindergarden locations. This guarantees that your employees have regular childcare at an agreed location. Then they know for sure that their child’s childcare is arranged properly, they have less worries, and can simply enjoy their work and family life.

Back-up Childcare (incidental childcare)

Back-up Childcare enables incidental childcare at a Kindergarden location. If an employee needs to work an extra shift, then that’s no problem. Back-up Childcare means we can care for their child at an agreed Kindergarden location.

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Knowledge, Coaching, & Expertise

Advice from experts

Parents regularly struggle with difficulties or questions that even Google doesn’t have the answer for. Don’t leave your employees struggling with these questions. Working parents from your company can have direct contact with one of our selected experts. These experts can help with child development issues, and can answer questions on topics such as nutrition, sleep, and upbringing.


With coaching, we support working parents within your company to find a healthy work-life balance during all their child’s developmental phases. This helps them get the best out of themselves. Both at work and at home. Our coaches offer a tailored program that helps employees get started.

Knowledge database about parenting and being a working parent

We have developed a knowledge database together with coaches and experts to offer a wealth of information about being a working parent and about child development. All your company’s employees have unlimited access to this database with information in the form of articles and videos, for example.


Your employees have direct access to the Homebase. This is our digital platform on which employees can find the knowledge directory with its wealth of information. Parents can also arrange childcare for their children here, request a coaching session, or ask for expert advice. All in one online environment!

For employers

It’s essential for your company’s good performance that your employees with children find a healthy work-life balance. Research shows that a healthy work-life balance doesn’t only ensure happier employees, but also contributes to organizational success. We’ve developed our services with this in mind.

Advantages of WorkFamily Solutions for employers:

  • Save on labor costs as employees don’t need to take time off to cover emergencies.
  • Build a reputation for being a good employer where there’s no conflict between career and family.
  • Increase employee productivity as they no longer struggle with their work-life balance.
  • Retain more talent, especially female talent, within your organization and offer them extra opportunities to develop.
  • Ensure more energized and happy employees by taking the stress out of childcare issues.
  • Increase employee loyalty.

For parents

As a parent, it’s sometimes really difficult to combine work and parenting. We make it easier for you to find that balance. If your employer is affiliated with WorkFamily Solutions, as an employee, you can benefit from services that make your life as a parent and as an employee that bit easier.

Advantages of WorkFamily Solutions for parents:

  • Gain more control over combining work with parenting.
  • Gain unlimited access to valuable information about being a working parent.
  • Have the opportunity to pose all your questions in a one-on-one session with a childcare expert.
  • Receive personal coaching relating to work and parenting.
  • Be assured of a place at a Kindergarden location.
  • You can use incidental childcare when you need it.

Curious about what we can do for you?

If you’d like to know how we can help your organization give working parents the peace of mind to enjoy their work more and be more productive, please contact us! We’d be happy to match our services to your requirements.

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